I’m an architectural/interiors photographer (real estate, commercial, interior design, etc) in the Boise area.   My primary goal is to create images that not only showcase a space, but get viewers to dream of living there. It takes time and attention to detail to shape how light flows through a room, how the composition flatters a space, and how contrast between light and shadows draws the viewer’s eye to the more important details.  A recent fad in real estate photography is HDR–“High Dynamic Range” editing software. The point of HDR is to give photographers more leeway in images where they have no control over the light. A good example would be shooting the sunset behind a city. It is of course impossible to light a whole city and sunset. The problem with using HDR for real estate (and particularly indoors) is that it destroys the natural light sweeping through a room. Using HDR results in flat, emotionless images with innacurate (often muddy looking) colors, dark corners, and an unrealistic look.  Most real estate photographers in Boise use HDR. Rather than rely on software, I use flashes to fill shadows and shape light flow. From which I will take several images of a room, and hand blend those images to create a flattering yet realistic image of the space.